No matter what your situation, we will customize options to solve your problems!


What options do I have?

  • Cash for keys: walk away today and leave your problem to us.

We take over the headaches… period! Just turn off the power & water, and toss the keys over your shoulder. We manage the yard, work with your lender, take over the payments, pay off the loan, or resell. This is the easiest clean break.

  • Joint venture partnership: make money even if you have no equity.

On a debt settlement, we become partners and sue the lender to reduce the principal balance on your home. You can receive up to 20% of the net profits. This is NOT a short sale and NOT a loan modification. See partnership benefits below.

  • Short sale: walk away today and leave your problem to us.

Statistically, less than 20% of short sales are successful with the national average. We see 90-95% of ours succeed. This is because we use a three tiered system to analyze the loan and choose the best strategy. You can stay in the house up until the sale and we specialize in postponements at zero cost to you. Now you don’t have to pay a bankruptcy attorney and incur additional cost for a house you are not planning to keep.

Every situation is unique and we will customize a solution to your needs.

Partnership benefits

When you partner with us, we will work with a local attorney at no upfront cost to you.  The main benefits are as follows:

  • Free loan analysis: We will look into the chain of title and assignments before we take the case.
  • Cash to homeowner: At the time of settlement, the home owner will receive up to 20% of the profits.
  • Freeze the foreclosure process: Legal action will halt the foreclosure process and the settlement will remove the threat of foreclosure.
  • Settlement guarantee: We only take on cases that qualify and we can guarantee will be settled.
  • Private settlement: This is a pro se based action which will be out of court.  This allows the homeowner to maintain privacy and anonymity.  Besides, the banks do not want the public to know they are settling for 50% of the loan amount!


Top reasons why banks will settle:

  1. We will make the lender prove "Standing" - The foreclosing party must prove they are the "holder of the debt" and how they acquired the debt through bona-fide documentation (Assignments).
  2. Improper recordation - current mortgage note holder must have been recorded in title with successor and assigns relating to discharge of mortgage.
  3. Original lenders are out of business -  if they perform a foreclosure it is illegal or unlawful since it is a break in chain of title.
  4. Robo-signers - were created to rubber stamp and re-create notes without verification and authority for bank executives to advance the fraud of foreclosure.



Proof of nearly $100k being written off!

When I first contacted you guys that little voice in my head said to me, “Is this one of those companies that once you pay they don’t really help you? WELL I WAS WRONG!

It turns out, you guys are the REAL DEAL. The education and the guidance from Justin and Staff has been on the money.

I was scared when I started. Yes scared, but the knowledge and follow through on my part has RAISED my confidence in keeping my home. All the knowledge does no good if you don’t put it into ACTION
— K. Laverpool
Court granted my motion to dismiss my foreclosure based on rule 121 section 1-15(3) and based on stipulated agreement in the rule 120 proceeding, in addition to the 12 (b)(4) grounds for dismissal for defective service, matter dismissed pursuant to rule 12 (b)(5) for failure to state claim upon which relief can be granted.
— Mike S.
I want to say that I am very satisfied with the service you and Justin provided and I can proudly say it stopped the Bank in their tracks with the Lis Pendens and other legal documents.

After two court appearances we left them saying they were not ready for my case. I do have an attorney now. You and Justin have been a great help.
— S. Morris
I finally won my house, and a getting a clear title after over a year. Thanks guys. For all the documents and guidance, this really works.
— Sharon C.
Once we established legal leverage our home payment went from $2,200 to $1,300 per month. Your system guided us in a way that made the bank change their whole attitude toward us and so we are referring our good friend Marie.
— Robert T.
Your special video is the truth about banks and it helps me to reduce anxiety. Every time I follow along, I pick up something new. It’s a relief to be reminded that I’m not the bad guy here.
— Marty S.
I just mailed off the letters to my lender and I was able to stop my lender from a wrongful foreclosure. Not only was this so easy, it was the best decision I have ever made to save my home and stop foreclosure fraud.
— Peggy W.
followed along with the video and reduced my stress level from a 10 max, to a 3 level. I’ve used this powerful technique before with success and forgot that I could apply it to the immobilizing stress of foreclosure.
— Emily G.